If it crawls on the floor, or flies in the air, we'll keep it out of your home

If it crawls on the floor, or flies in the air, we'll keep it out of your home

Flying pests come in all shapes and sizes, each with its unique eradication treatments, from exclusion, prevention and control. VermineX Pest Management have the expertise to inspect your home for potential threats, breeding populations and problem areas. With our environmentally friendly pest eradication methods, we’ll not only keep the insects out, we’ll keep your family safe too.

Flying Insects & Pests


Honey bees were introduced to Australia by early settlers for a good supply of honey, but naturally a few escaped. Now they are found throughout Australia. Their size is about 1.3mm-1.6 mm and have very distinct yellow and black markings.

The honey bee defends its nests very aggressively and if you are stung, it is fatal to the bee, as the stinger pulls out the bee’s lower abdomen leaving the venom gland pumping in the victim. This is why they are a danger and a pest to humans: the sting cause local pain and swelling. Nests are usually found undercover or in cavities. Increased activity in a specific area or a concentration of bees to one area often means there is a nest nearby.

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Clothes Moths

Discovering an infestation of clothes moths usually occurs too late - once you find a hole in a garment. However you if you see an adult moth flying about in your home, it could be time to check the closet. Moths like to live in dark spaces like closets and infest items like clothing and upholstery made of animal-based materials. Their larvae eat the fabrics and can leave stains from vomit and feces. A large population of moths in the home can become costly. If you suspect there’s moths in your home talk to our trained technicians about prevention methods and a treatment plan for your home.


Flies are well-known disease vectors and have the risk to contaminate our food. There are various different fly species which are breeding at different locations (bin area, drain, fermenting material, carcass etc.). For effective fly control it is necessary to locate the breeding area. Most of the fly issues can be solved barely with good housekeeping. For 24/7 fly control Fly machines are recommended.

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Safe for families and pets

We work with the latest in safe pest control technologies and treatments, keeping your family and pets safe. Our professionally trained technicians use targeted solutions at the source of the problem to keep bugs out and keep your home a place for healthy living.

Our international Affiliations for environmental impact management and HACCP food safety certification means you can trust VermineX Pest Management care about the safety and protection of your home.


All our treatments are environmentally friendly, because we love the Earth as much as you do. Our expertise enables us to keep chemical application to a minimum to keep the pests away, and we’re 100% carbon neutral.

Safe for kids & pets

Our technicians use only the safest, environmentally friendly treatments available in and around your home, to keep pests at bay giving you peace of mind as the kids continue to play in a safe and healthy environment.

Safe Pest Control

There’s more to effective pest control than chemicals. We target our applications to the source of the problem from enhanced inspections to exclusion methods followed by protection.

highly trained Professional technicians

highly trained Professional technicians

With more than 40 years in business in Pest Management industry, we continuously invest in our people to provide the ultimate service for you, your family and friends. And that means training our technicians in the latest technologies and methods, continuously evaluating our solutions, performance and customer satisfaction. All VermineX technicians undergo our professional training for pest control and customer service. Not only are they good. They’re friendly and neat too.

Our team of professionals are trained in:

ENHANCED INSPECTION METHODS, for residential properties and yards.

EXCLUSION TECHNIQUES, to block the passages even the smallest of pests use to find their way into your home and property.

EXPERT PROTECTION, to effectively eradicate the pests already in your home.