Fleas are an annoying insect that feed on the blood from animals including humans in their adult form. The most common are the cat and dog fleas. Most of their life cycle actually occurs off the pet, and they can lie dormant in their cocoons for several months waiting for any vibrations that may stir them into activity. It’s a common misperception that grass fleas or sand fleas are a different species, these fleas are just fleas that have been deposited onto the ground by the pet. If there are five on your pet there are usually many more out in the yard.

They have powerful hind legs which help them jump to as much as 150 times their own length. The adult flea can survive for over four months without a single blood feed and successful eradication often involves a treatment by a qualified pest technician.

The control of fleas isn’t just bathing your pet often, control can also come down to thorough vacuuming, blocking subfloor entry by pets, pet bedding being washed or thrown away, and if needed, a treatment by a qualified pest technician.