Hotel / Hospitality Pest Management

VermineX pest control can offer a complete pest control service for your hotel or hospitality company, leaving you and your guests with peace of mind and an enjoyable visit.

VermineX works with many leading hotels in Bahrain, to help provide a safe, clean and hygienic environment. Our services can cover all aspects of pest control, both inside and out, and we understand the unique requirements for each area. We are also fully aware of HACCP principles, and will work with you to ensure that your pest management programme fulfils these requirements.

We also provide advice and guidance on pest prevention, as well as giving you the supporting documentation required for all your compliance audits. We can also provide pest awareness training for your staff.

Our products are all approved for use in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and provide effective pest control, as well as meeting stringent safety requirements.

Please contact us so a member of our team can meet you to discuss your needs and create a tailored pest management programme to suit your company.
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